Source code for reactpy.core.component

from __future__ import annotations

import inspect
from functools import wraps
from typing import Any, Callable

from reactpy.core.types import ComponentType, VdomDict

[docs]def component( function: Callable[..., ComponentType | VdomDict | str | None] ) -> Callable[..., Component]: """A decorator for defining a new component. Parameters: function: The component's :meth:`reactpy.core.proto.ComponentType.render` function. """ sig = inspect.signature(function) if "key" in sig.parameters and sig.parameters["key"].kind in ( inspect.Parameter.KEYWORD_ONLY, inspect.Parameter.POSITIONAL_OR_KEYWORD, ): msg = f"Component render function {function} uses reserved parameter 'key'" raise TypeError(msg) @wraps(function) def constructor(*args: Any, key: Any | None = None, **kwargs: Any) -> Component: return Component(function, key, args, kwargs, sig) return constructor
[docs]class Component: """An object for rending component models.""" __slots__ = "__weakref__", "_func", "_args", "_kwargs", "_sig", "key", "type" def __init__( self, function: Callable[..., ComponentType | VdomDict | str | None], key: Any | None, args: tuple[Any, ...], kwargs: dict[str, Any], sig: inspect.Signature, ) -> None: self.key = key self.type = function self._args = args self._kwargs = kwargs self._sig = sig def render(self) -> ComponentType | VdomDict | str | None: return self.type(*self._args, **self._kwargs) def __repr__(self) -> str: try: args = self._sig.bind(*self._args, **self._kwargs).arguments except TypeError: return f"{self.type.__name__}(...)" else: items = ", ".join(f"{k}={v!r}" for k, v in args.items()) if items: return f"{self.type.__name__}({id(self):02x}, {items})" else: return f"{self.type.__name__}({id(self):02x})"