Source code for reactpy.backend.hooks

from __future__ import annotations

from import MutableMapping
from typing import Any

from reactpy.backend.types import Connection, Location
from reactpy.core.hooks import create_context, use_context
from reactpy.core.types import Context

# backend implementations should establish this context at the root of an app
ConnectionContext: Context[Connection[Any] | None] = create_context(None)

[docs]def use_connection() -> Connection[Any]: """Get the current :class:`~reactpy.backend.types.Connection`.""" conn = use_context(ConnectionContext) if conn is None: # nocov msg = "No backend established a connection." raise RuntimeError(msg) return conn
[docs]def use_scope() -> MutableMapping[str, Any]: """Get the current :class:`~reactpy.backend.types.Connection`'s scope.""" return use_connection().scope
[docs]def use_location() -> Location: """Get the current :class:`~reactpy.backend.types.Connection`'s location.""" return use_connection().location