Source code for reactpy.backend._common

from __future__ import annotations

import asyncio
import os
from import Awaitable, Sequence
from dataclasses import dataclass
from pathlib import Path, PurePosixPath
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Any, cast

from reactpy import __file__ as _reactpy_file_path
from reactpy import html
from reactpy.config import REACTPY_WEB_MODULES_DIR
from reactpy.core.types import VdomDict
from reactpy.utils import vdom_to_html

    import uvicorn
    from asgiref.typing import ASGIApplication

PATH_PREFIX = PurePosixPath("/_reactpy")
CLIENT_BUILD_DIR = Path(_reactpy_file_path).parent / "_static" / "app" / "dist"

[docs]async def serve_with_uvicorn( app: ASGIApplication | Any, host: str, port: int, started: asyncio.Event | None, ) -> None: """Run a development server for an ASGI application""" import uvicorn server = uvicorn.Server( uvicorn.Config( app, host=host, port=port, loop="asyncio", ) ) server.config.setup_event_loop() coros: list[Awaitable[Any]] = [server.serve()] # If a started event is provided, then use it signal based on `server.started` if started: coros.append(_check_if_started(server, started)) try: await asyncio.gather(*coros) finally: # Since we aren't using the uvicorn's `run()` API, we can't guarantee uvicorn's # order of operations. So we need to make sure `shutdown()` always has an initialized # list of `self.servers` to use. if not hasattr(server, "servers"): # nocov server.servers = [] await asyncio.wait_for(server.shutdown(), timeout=3)
async def _check_if_started(server: uvicorn.Server, started: asyncio.Event) -> None: while not server.started: await asyncio.sleep(0.2) started.set()
[docs]def safe_client_build_dir_path(path: str) -> Path: """Prevent path traversal out of :data:`CLIENT_BUILD_DIR`""" return traversal_safe_path( CLIENT_BUILD_DIR, *("index.html" if path in {"", "/"} else path).split("/") )
[docs]def safe_web_modules_dir_path(path: str) -> Path: """Prevent path traversal out of :data:`reactpy.config.REACTPY_WEB_MODULES_DIR`""" return traversal_safe_path(REACTPY_WEB_MODULES_DIR.current, *path.split("/"))
[docs]def traversal_safe_path(root: str | Path, *unsafe: str | Path) -> Path: """Raise a ``ValueError`` if the ``unsafe`` path resolves outside the root dir.""" root = os.path.abspath(root) # Resolve relative paths but not symlinks - symlinks should be ok since their # presence and where they point is under the control of the developer. path = os.path.abspath(os.path.join(root, *unsafe)) if os.path.commonprefix([root, path]) != root: # If the common prefix is not root directory we resolved outside the root dir msg = "Unsafe path" raise ValueError(msg) return Path(path)
def read_client_index_html(options: CommonOptions) -> str: return ( (CLIENT_BUILD_DIR / "index.html") .read_text() .format(__head__=vdom_head_elements_to_html(options.head)) ) def vdom_head_elements_to_html(head: Sequence[VdomDict] | VdomDict | str) -> str: if isinstance(head, str): return head elif isinstance(head, dict): if head.get("tagName") == "head": head = cast(VdomDict, {**head, "tagName": ""}) return vdom_to_html(head) else: return vdom_to_html(html._(*head))
[docs]@dataclass class CommonOptions: """Options for ReactPy's built-in backed server implementations""" head: Sequence[VdomDict] | VdomDict | str = ( html.title("ReactPy"), { "rel": "icon", "href": "/_reactpy/assets/reactpy-logo.ico", "type": "image/x-icon", } ), ) """Add elements to the ``<head>`` of the application. For example, this can be used to customize the title of the page, link extra scripts, or load stylesheets. """ url_prefix: str = "" """The URL prefix where ReactPy resources will be served from""" serve_index_route: bool = True """Automatically generate and serve the index route (``/``)""" def __post_init__(self) -> None: if self.url_prefix and not self.url_prefix.startswith("/"): msg = "Expected 'url_prefix' to start with '/'" raise ValueError(msg)