Source code for reactpy.widgets

from __future__ import annotations

from base64 import b64encode
from import Sequence
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Any, Callable, Protocol, TypeVar

import reactpy
from reactpy import html
from reactpy._warnings import warn
from reactpy.core.types import ComponentConstructor, VdomDict

[docs]def image( format: str, value: str | bytes = "", attributes: dict[str, Any] | None = None, ) -> VdomDict: """Utility for constructing an image from a string or bytes The source value will automatically be encoded to base64 """ if format == "svg": format = "svg+xml" # noqa: A001 if isinstance(value, str): bytes_value = value.encode() else: bytes_value = value base64_value = b64encode(bytes_value).decode() src = f"data:image/{format};base64,{base64_value}" return {"tagName": "img", "attributes": {"src": src, **(attributes or {})}}
_Value = TypeVar("_Value")
[docs]def use_linked_inputs( attributes: Sequence[dict[str, Any]], on_change: Callable[[_Value], None] = lambda value: None, cast: _CastFunc[_Value] = lambda value: value, initial_value: str = "", ignore_empty: bool = True, ) -> list[VdomDict]: """Return a list of linked inputs equal to the number of given attributes. Parameters: attributes: That attributes of each returned input element. If the number of generated inputs is variable, you may need to assign each one a :ref:`key <Organizing Items With Keys>` by including a ``"key"`` in each attribute dictionary. on_change: A callback which is triggered when any input is changed. This callback need not update the 'value' field in the attributes of the inputs since that is handled automatically. cast: Cast the 'value' of changed inputs that is passed to ``on_change``. initial_value: Initialize the 'value' field of the inputs. ignore_empty: Do not trigger ``on_change`` if the 'value' is an empty string. """ value, set_value = reactpy.hooks.use_state(initial_value) def sync_inputs(event: dict[str, Any]) -> None: new_value = event["target"]["value"] set_value(new_value) if not new_value and ignore_empty: return None on_change(cast(new_value)) inputs: list[VdomDict] = [] for attrs in attributes: inputs.append(html.input({**attrs, "on_change": sync_inputs, "value": value})) return inputs
_CastTo_co = TypeVar("_CastTo_co", covariant=True) class _CastFunc(Protocol[_CastTo_co]): def __call__(self, value: str) -> _CastTo_co: ... if TYPE_CHECKING: from reactpy.testing.backend import _MountFunc def hotswap( update_on_change: bool = False, ) -> tuple[_MountFunc, ComponentConstructor]: # nocov warn( "The 'hotswap' function is deprecated and will be removed in a future release", DeprecationWarning, stacklevel=2, ) from reactpy.testing.backend import _hotswap return _hotswap(update_on_change)